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Salary Guide 2018

New Zealand salary guide 2018

For Employers: The Michael Page 2018 salary guide is our yearly guide to salaries in New Zealand to help ensure you stay up to date with average salary benchmarks and market rates in your sector. 

For Job Seekers: Track how your salary compares to the average wage in New Zealand in 2018 in our sector-specific salary guide. Check on the current job market in each sector by using our salary calculator. Then read our advice on salary negotiation and see what your pay would look like after income tax with our pay calculator.

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Employment trends in New Zealand*


2 professionals

average number of candidates employers interview before making a job offer


1 month

average time employers take to secure talent


2 rounds

of interviews undergone by candidates with a company before securing a position

*These employment trends are based on Michael Page’s database in the last 12 months.


Whether you’re looking to hire or looking for a new job, deciding on the right salary for any role can be tricky. Average salary benchmarks and the candidate’s level of experience both come into play during the salary negotiation process and can have a significant impact on the final salary agreement.

That’s why we’ve put together some useful information on average salaries in New Zealand broken down by sector – so employers and candidates have access to the right knowledge when it comes to negotiating a salary.

If you’re keen to know how your salary compares with others in your sector, you can also use our salary calculator to see how your current income shapes up against the competition.

When applying for a job, we also have lots of helpful resources on how to negotiate salary during the interview process. And before agreeing to an offer, you can also see exactly how much you’ll be earning after tax with our take-home pay calculator.

Our salary guide is aimed at helping employers and jobseekers in New Zealand with everything from average salaries and salary negotiation to take-home pay and income tax, but it’s only a small part of what we do here at Michael Page. If you’re looking for guidance finding that exciting new job or are on the hunt for the right candidate for your business, get in touch with our recruitment specialists to discuss your needs.