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Our average salary is calculated using job titles from Michael Page placements and advertised roles in the last 12 months. The data is updated every three months and does not allow for bonuses or benefits. The salaries provided are for use in the salary comparison tool only. Salaries vary based on qualifications, experience and company type.
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Salary Benchmarking Tool

Use the tool on the left hand side of this page to benchmark and compare salaries for hundreds of roles. Simply select a job function and industry to get a breakdown of the average salary for each level.

This tool can be extremely useful for both employers and employees. For example, as an employer in New Zealand, you’ll want to ensure you are equipped with the latest salary information to offer your new employees competitive wages. Naturally, job seekers can use this information to prepare for salary negotiations when searching for a new role, and even current employees can take a look to make sure they are earning a fair wage in their current position.

Compare average salaries in NZ as an employer

The hunt is always on for the top talent in any industry in New Zealand. A great hire can prove invaluable for any company, and while benefits and workplace culture are certainly important, few things speak volumes like an enticing salary. This is why it’s so vital to compare salaries in New Zealand before beginning contract negotiations with new employees. Our comparison tool is regularly updated with the latest salary information to ensure you have the most accurate picture of the current wages for each level in industries around the country.

Compare salaries in NZ as a candidate

Negotiating a salary can be a nerve-wracking time. To ensure you’re receiving a fair wage for your hard work and expertise, the best ammunition you have is information. The knowledge of the current average salary of an employee at your level in your industry is vital to help strike a deal with your new employer that will best represent your value to the company. This is true for new graduates to the workforce who are looking for their first position and don’t know where to start, just as it is for a seasoned professional looking for a company change after years in the industry. You may also use this comparison tool when speaking with your current employer about a pay rise.

How does Michael Page NZ create accurate salary comparison tools?

With our extensive knowledge of advertised roles and placements in positions of all levels all over the country, Michael Page NZ holds a goldmine of salary data. We use this data from the past 12 months to regularly update our salary comparison tool, which ensures accurate and recent average salary information for employers and employees everywhere.

If you’re looking for average salary benchmarking that is specific to your business, don’t hesitate to contact us