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Even though many people hold the same job titles, the stories about how they got there are often startlingly different. When you move from formal education and training into a full-time position, this progression is often different from one person to the next, especially due to the large variety of roles available across industries throughout Australia and the world. Not to mention, tertiary study and training programs do not always offer a smooth transition straight into the workforce, so there is often additional training or skills provided on the job.

As such, offering specific career advice can be a tough task. However, at Michael Page, we endeavour to offer a variety of career guidance suggestions and ideas that will hold true for any employee – from those just starting out in their careers to veterans.

Our recruiters offer a wealth of experience in the careers field and spend a lot of time staying in touch with leading companies across Australia to help find suitable candidates to place in exciting positions. Due to this insight and day-to-day contact with job seekers and employers, our specialists are perfectly placed to offer actionable and meaningful advice to help you meet your career goals.

On this page, you will find a range of content that will aid you in your career planning. We offer tips, news, stories, useful tools, practice interview questions, guides, and much more. Our content is created with real-world experience that you can apply directly to your career development.

If you’re looking for specific advice on your unique employment situation, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our recruiters. They may have examples of similar situations or, at the very least, a wealth of experience in the industry to help you navigate your career path.