Starting a new contracting role? How to fit into a new team fast

By | 23 Aug 2016
Contractors need to be able to hit the ground running. With less time to ramp up into your role, how can you quickly begin to fit in with your colleagues and the office at large?

7 smart ways to add value as a contractor

By | 16 Aug 2016
Concrete methods to impress any business you contract for—and leverage positions to gain further contracts and clients.

Blurring the friendship boundaries at work

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How to set realistic deadlines at work and meet them

By | 02 Aug 2016
Our innate need to please and impress people often means we set unrealistic deadlines – when in actual fact we would garner far more respect if we were up front and honest about the time it takes to complete a task.

Stop wasting time – ways to boost your productivity

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Anything can trigger a dip in motivation when you're at work, but how do you get around this and ensure that you stay productive? Find out four ways to boost your productivity.

How to get Gravitas and Grit (or Presence and Motivation)

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3 simple steps to immediate self-improvement

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18 tips to help you ensure your next business trip isn't a disaster

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How to answer competency based interview questions

By | 19 May 2016
Competency, or behavioral, based interview questions are an increasingly common tactic interviewers use to get an idea of how applicants might respond in certain situations, so it's important you're prepared to answer them.

The value in having a mentor

By | 12 May 2016
A good mentor can offer valuable advice, knowledge and inspiration, but how do you know who your ideal mentor is and how do you go about initiating the relationship?